Monday, 11 March 2013

Motodays 2013, Motoclub Centurioni

Con domenica 10 Marzo si è chiusa l'edizione 2013 di Motodays, il pre-primaverile salone della moto alla Fiera di Roma. Il Motoclub Centurioni era presente al padiglione 4, dove è stato possibile conoscere nuovi soci, incontrare gli amici che già conoscono e frequentano il Motoclub e, ancora una volta, è stato possibile ricevere la visita di Manuel Lucchese, campione del mondo Baja 2012, secondo degli Italiani nella classifica finale della Dakar 2013 e socio dei Centurioni.

Sunday, 22 April 2012

Re-purpose ancient hardware - part 1

An ancient Compaq Evo N115 is still working, however the concern is how: AMD Duron 1.2GHz processor, 64KB cache, 384MB RAM, 20GB hard drive, 13.3" 1024x768 TFT display ... manufactured some 10 years ago!

After some googling, I landed on the Webconverger page
 The 450MB ISO image can either go to a USB stick or be burned to a CD; the boot is rather fast and takes you to the Webconverger registration page via the Iceweasel browser.
The concerned notebook is equipped with a RJ45 Ethernet jack, but the aim is to have it working on Wi-Fi by the means of a Netgear PC Card; unfortunately Webconverger does not seem to give the chance to personalise that much your setup.
The card works well with MS Windows drivers; my copies are stored here.
There is Puppy Linux derivative named BrowserLinux, a 93MB only Linux distribution, current version is 501.
There is an install-to-disk feature, but it has failed :( thus I keep the boot-from-CD coupled with the save-session feature; the latter saves a file on the hard drive (light encryption, at least, is recommended). Three re-boots are needed to have everything working: Firefox profile sync, Wi-Fi drivers working (download and save them somewhere in the hard disk, e.g. /mnt/home/home), Wi-Fi key stored. The re-purposed box boot is rather fast, navigation and (ordinary) page rendering are smooth, although Firefox version is 5.0.1 only.

Testing of some builds from susestudio are under way...

Sunday, 24 July 2011

From Frascati to Castelli Romani via Monti Lepini

The route starts from the Cinecittà Studios heading straight to Frascati.

Indication along the road are decent and the road itself is very easy; once reached the surroundings of Cori, the landscape gets much nicer, full of olive trees and vineyards. The way up to Norma (SP Norbana) is the nicest piece of road, though too short.
Down from Norma and up to Sermoneta, a medieval village with a lovely view of the Pontina plain.

The way to Castelli Romani (e.g. Albano Laziale) is even easier along SS7 Appia.

View Frascati - Norma - Sermoneta - Castelli Romani in a larger map